Innocentless Youths | Poem

Based on my book, Accursed Red. A conversational poem between two troubled girls, Ismus and Linnasoeta.


I’m trying my best to get to you

But my life is hard too.

You’re not the only with borders.

You’re not the only one with orders.

Heaven and hell

Know them both quite well.

It’s funny you like the devil more

Than the land of milk and honey.

This is why you never understand me.

Why do you say love when you have no sympathy?

This leaves us to part.

But, friend, you crushed my heart.

There’s no reason why

We have to die

With no honor or glory.

Innocentless youths

What is the real truth?

What do we do?

We still need help too.

Innocentless youth

Running from the truth.

They say our lives have just begun

But we’re all ready, ready to run.

Escape to get me.

From my life in misery.

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  1. Very nice poetry.Every word touches the heart ♥️.I write the article on section of inspiration,motivation and self help.

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    1. sammicakes says:

      thank you so much 🙂 i will be checking your blog out!


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