American Ignorant | One Liner Wednesday

This post was written for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday prompt. After a lot of research, and some time watching videos on all the awful beliefs Americans hold on to without actually knowing what they’re talking about, this line came to me. Enjoy! ~ You just can’t escape American ignorance. ___________________________________ ~ Sammicakes

Vice City, Jainu | One Line Story

This short story is based off my novel, Accursed Red. Enjoy! ~ In the heart of the most beautiful city in Dark Earth, standing beneath the skyscrapers and starlight, there stood the curse, a young woman who told herself to forget about all her troubles for just one glorious, befuddling night. ~ Sammicakes

Boy in a Well | Part 2

His face is plain and new and too small to really see. I had never seen this boy before. Before he can throw another rock at me, I call out to him: “Hi!” He can hear me. I wonder how he got in there. I wonder for how long. I ask him this.  Maybe he…

Boy in a Well | Part 1

There would be moments where I would find time to be  alone. I leave the cabin and sit along the river bank and toss stones into the water. It was nice, nice to think about anything and do nothing.  For most of my life, I was an only child. That changed two weeks ago. It’s…

Overboard | Poem/Song

If you’re sad and feeling sober Just let me know, let me know. Or else I’m going over, going overboard, because this ship can’t contain your grievances– my condolences. – I’m going overboard sinking with the water where the pressure cracks my bones and I don’t have to listen to you or think of you….

hang with the greats | poem

and the fears i’m too afraid to face alone and it’s so hard to do so and it’s so hard to do so and i know you’re not afraid so take my hand you’ll hang with the greats

I Don’t Love the World | Poem/Song

In the morning time stays a ticking. I hear the doorbell: whoever it is, you better keep on ringing. I don’t care about the world. – Sunshine is an annoying facet. I always hate the shine on my assets. I always wondered what the world would say. – In the night, I hear the crawling….