A Child Born With a Greater Capacity for Sadness than His Peers

memories of the fairytale’s prince In a clearing that had lost its detail and remained only its space and existence were four children. Two boys of bronze skin and golden hair, and the other set of twins the boys both called Flower. One of the boys, louder and brash, was usually not to play with…

a remembered dream

how strange a thought it is now to think it was once lost this loving reality-to-be that guides my every step once forgotten by me how horrible life would be (would be and was) to live (just barely) with forgotten dreams ~Sammicakes

destiny, calling, and the future you now hold

The one I want would want me to love myself. And I cannot love myself if I feel I am not living honestly. I cannot love myself if I let what I once thought of myself drain me of life and love. There are no limits to my dreams, and love is simply an umbrella…


I’m going to pick them all apart to shreds, to atoms, in my heart, they will always fail in my head they will never enter and in my hand they will forever fall Hold my flowers on your sturdy branches or leave me as a seed to die My love is buried in the roots…

Wicked Beauty of the Only Queen

A moment of recollection: Her humor, her compassion, her intellect, her passion, her love– all of it had once stemmed from her sadness. It guided her perspective and worldview. It led her actions, and it inspired the thoughts she shared aloud with me. That ache of emptiness ascended her to the stars. Now all I…

Jealousy is Futile | Self-love Snippets

Everyone has a quality that I could be jealous of. Who does it serve to hold a burning hate for those I believe are above me because they do not lack what I have convinced myself I do? Who does it serve to diminish myself down to an inferior being? Why should I not instead…

Call to Action, Call to Attention, Call for Affection

The toxins rose above onto the surface of my skin with nowhere to go, my turmoil, my dread, my negativity, my sadness, all from within. And now they mark my face, my body, exposed and evident for all to see. What other choice do I have but to address and repair them to be the…

nature of thoughts

Not all thoughts had are spoken. There is no need to. Thoughts are the collectives, the ones that can shape and construct, erode and destroy. They are the foundations of our actions, the foundation of our being. Not all thoughts had are spoken. There is no need to. ~Sammicakes


written 9/16/21 “How much control do I have over myself? Am I kidding myself when I say I can control how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, what I am? I hope it’s just a case of overthinking. I don’t want to turn into something I fear.” ~Sammicakes

love in lines

You are the only essence that composes my heart. The heart is a vessel of potential: it has enough space within it to love or to hate in equal quantities. ~Sammicakes