About Sammicakes

Welcome to Sammicakes! I’m Samantha Haughawout, also known by my pen name, Rae S. Vaughn, and I am the sole visionary of this blog. I am the author of the dark fantasy novel Accursed Red, and it is a story that I have been working on for six years since I was twelve. (Ps: The art I use on a lot of my Accursed Red posts are from my favorite video game, Heavenly Sword, which heavily inspired my story. It’s in the gif to the left!) I am working on making this story into a trilogy with hopes of it becoming a show or a set of films.

Besides writing, I am very interested in environmental science, and social justice. I will be attending Spelman College as a member of the dual-degree engineering program and honors college, with dual-degree majors in chemistry and chemical engineering. It’s pretty obvious from my blog that I also love all forms of media, most notably obscure movies, cartoons, and anime. A lot of these shows inspire my poems and essays… and they make my blog look pretty :))

Feel free to support my future at Spelman by reading my essays, excerpts, and poems, as well as purchasing Accursed Red on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hello and hello, and thank you for joining the Sammicakes family!