definition | one sentence story

If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crushed into the perceptions and constructed fantasies of others and eaten alive. ~Sammicakes

Talking to a Memory | Saturday Writings

“I do not have any memories. Well… that is a lie. That is… I do not have any memories that do not have you in them. There is existence before you, of course, and while it is vast, it is ultimately blank and shapeless. It is void of feeling and purpose. The only parts that…

Canvas | Poem

I felt nothing So I could feel anything I’m a canvas Paint your thoughts onto me Shape your dreams onto me Let me dry up before you try to take it back Take it all back Take it all back ~Sammicakes


one liner wednesday I check the clock just as much as I check my body, because I conceive myself as much as I try to perceive time. ~Sammicakes

Lines of Life

a collection of one-liners I only hate you when the darkness fails to obscure your evil deeds, and even then I am lost in the magnificence of your power. Dying in my arms, trembling when trying to speak, and all they could do was scream in my face. Buried your memories within my soul: I…

coppice | poem

Hands have no trouble holding the hilt of the weapon which ensures their destruction– yet they begin to tremble when accused of their own destructive nature. Lips kiss the chrysanthemums and forget-me-nots for forever, or until their saliva-drenched state quenches their selfish, sloppy temper. Hearts construct high, guarded castles of ash and black bark, concealing…

The Colors I Can’t See | Stream of Consciousness Saturday

There’s no point in having envy for the things that can see more than me. My foresight is barely greater than the common deer, because in the vastness of the universe I know nothing. The shrimp can see colors I cannot fathom–but I have no hatred for them, no burning jealousy or envy that would…