Age of Ages | Poem

Stone way of feeling Bronze way of reacting Medieval way of perception, rather how we are perceived, Industrial way of seizing (Did we miss something from how we felt and how we reacted?) What is our way now? It is: the expanding balloon of the human mind, the mind we all share if shared with…

purpose | poem

not infinite, yet so vast the time upon us is uncountable and magnificent not entirely free to act on our own accord, but sufficient enough to progress never enough time, ability, or will to craft the desired vision of our person but in the constraints one can find purpose as in the murkiest of waters…

Plight of Obsession | Poem

the phoniest of flattery the most lascivious of lies the cacophony of coquettish ramblings: all are the plights of an unreciprocated obsession, not born out of love, but of rabidly ill intent. ~ Sammicakes

Cottagecore | Poem

Pheasants and finches sun-dappled meadows and delicate wishes fulfilled by the dream of self-isolation. Not yet nostalgic not yet the present but instead a dream idyllic that a more kind world would let come to fruition. ~ Sammicakes

The Impact of Technology on Education | Essay

This was an essay for a scholarship I wrote in May. Enjoy! ~ In the wakes of the pandemic, our dependence on technology has become more pronounced than ever. College classes have all moved online; grade schools are following suit, though the change is not so foreign for them. Most families in my county have…

Sonderlust | Poem

Visions of sonder that transpire down yonder traveling around the block again. Tip the man with his scuffed, cuffed pants, and wait until the moment is your friend. Sidewalks are busy, the yellow dresses and loose shirts dancing, while the wind plays a mellifluous tune. Night soon falls, all lilac and dark and still. And…

July Snow | Short Story

A small pile of snow had gathered upon a spot on the pavement outside the schoolhouse, right next to the slightly ajar gate. The snow that had came last week had all vanished, save for that one pile in the shade. July sunlight had came and made the grasses shine and made the concrete burn–and…

American Ignorant | One Liner Wednesday

This post was written for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday prompt. After a lot of research, and some time watching videos on all the awful beliefs Americans hold on to without actually knowing what they’re talking about, this line came to me. Enjoy! ~ You just can’t escape American ignorance. ___________________________________ ~ Sammicakes

Vice City, Jainu | One Line Story

This short story is based off my novel, Accursed Red. Enjoy! ~ In the heart of the most beautiful city in Dark Earth, standing beneath the skyscrapers and starlight, there stood the curse, a young woman who told herself to forget about all her troubles for just one glorious, befuddling night. ~ Sammicakes