Support for Teen Authors Wanting to Self-Publish

There aren’t really any instructions when it comes to writing. People find a lot of answers or resources for the careers they are pursuing after doing a quick online search. But writing is different. Especially for teen authors. I am no expert in this field, and I would be lying if I said I knew … Continue reading Support for Teen Authors Wanting to Self-Publish

Stuttering And It’s Impact On Me

When I could not form thoughts, or even ask simple questions (like asking to go to the bathroom), I turned to paper. My failure to speak allowed me to listen, observe, and then inscribe. This is the main reason why I hold writing so close to my heart--more than drawing or singing or baking or running--since it will always be my most eloquent form of communication. The words I say aloud are never as honest or precise as the ones I type and scribble.

Smart Tech in the 1700’s

What would the people of 300 years ago use our current technology for? A (dumb) scholarship essay~ ~~~~ Imagine if the technological advancements we made today were done nearly 300 years ago. AI’s (Artificial Intelligence units), Google Glasses, and cellphone-caused backaches would become an early plague on our society. In this era—in the early 1700’s—individuals … Continue reading Smart Tech in the 1700’s

I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)

An old poem I wrote in August of 2016. A relaxing night-time read~ ~~~~ I am from long, ebony nights and bright, sunlit mornings Awakening in time to see the blue light filter through my windows I am from places of enchanted emerald forests and elephant graveyards Exploring until my lungs and legs cannot cope … Continue reading I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)