Musings on Love | Volume 1

~Sweet, Speculative Dreams~ In this life I’ve come to know many types of love. The terrifying, the profound, the kind, the cruel. The fleeting and the everlasting–the sun’s raging heat and the moon’s light of ivory cool. And in your warm, fluttering hands upon your deep, sweeping chest, you hold them all. ~ Fractured Hearts…

Individualism | Song

It’s okay to preach  that love is all we need  because at the end of the day  Only the simple will believe  Because if love is all I need  Then why can’t I use it to pay  For my house, for my car, for my debt,  To feed my love, to feed my child?  It’s…

Whole Lotta Love | Poem/ Song

It takes a whole lotta love to come back around to see the world as you need it to be I can’t spend more than a day wondering if you’re okay I can’t spend more than a minute thinking about how much I did or didn’t contribute to your society ~ Sammicakes

love in time | poem/song

even if we don’t talk for years and years I’ll still hold you close to my heart even when time separates us you’ll always be apart of my life, of my life and I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep and you won’t fall to time I can guarantee and you won’t fall…

now they know | stream of consciousness

what could they know finale part 1 part 2 ~ How many lies until I get to open the door to the real world? How many memories must I earn to be welcome to reality? I asked what could they know, I asked myself what I am– and with confidence I can now say it….

trading eyes | poem

mustn’t trade souls for I do not what is foreign. trading eyes– just for a small time!– will let us see this world in a new light from a different life. I see how the sunlight swallows the shadows to make this old city something golden, but only from your eyes. from mine you tell…

Cherubs of Blaiic | Poem

No greater beings can be found in the entirety of this earthly plane to hold the essence of spirituality and purity as the cherubs of Blaiic No human kindness can compete, no mortal action can compare to the effervescent vivacity within a cherub of Blaiic’s care They hail from a northern kingdom guarded by silver…

Winter Love | Quote

“The winter loves me… I mean as much as you can say a season can love. What I mean is, I love winter, and when you really love something, then it loves you back, in whatever way it has to love.” – A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Plight of Obsession | Poem

the phoniest of flattery the most lascivious of lies the cacophony of coquettish ramblings: all are the plights of an unreciprocated obsession, not born out of love, but of rabidly ill intent. ~ Sammicakes