Two Angels Discussing the End of the World

Another excerpt of The Dark Hero, the sequel to Accursed Red. Before you read, I have some awesome news: Accursed Red is now available on the Barnes and Nobles website! Check it out here. Enjoy! ~ They had done it. The Second Dimension—aka the universe’s biggest mistake, aka one of billions of mistakes—was finally coming … Continue reading Two Angels Discussing the End of the World

A Confusing (and utterly quick) Trip to Edgar’s

The sixty pound trout Ismus was dragging along the unpaved footway scraped the eye of the fish clean off before she had even reached Edgar’s. Three hours of sprinting, jogging, then the inevitable sluggish walking had drained Ismus of any energy she had gained during her time with Lin. Serabi’s moonless night sky feigned an … Continue reading A Confusing (and utterly quick) Trip to Edgar’s

Chapter Three: The Promise Land

Everything around her swirled, hypnotically. Ismus felt her mind soar, visions of dragons and confetti streaming throughout her brain. Lion heads sang and danced. Acorns with beards smiled and laughed. Babies chuckled and soiled their diapers. Things went black, then in color. Kaleidoscope views and phantasmagorias made Ismus think she had passed out on a … Continue reading Chapter Three: The Promise Land