Where do you belong in the world?

to find yourself old in a world filled with ideals that frighten you with ideals of beauty you do not find beautiful would be quite sad, alongside dying ~Sammicakes

1,000 Days of Missing You Deeply

In my hands a box of thyme I gift to you, wondering what with it will all you do. Will you open its lid and let the pieces scatter in the wind, the saddest of all sins? Or will you with generous hand flavor it in every dish, and in your sentiment, fulfill my sweetest…


I’m going to pick them all apart to shreds, to atoms, in my heart, they will always fail in my head they will never enter and in my hand they will forever fall Hold my flowers on your sturdy branches or leave me as a seed to die My love is buried in the roots…


Dying leaves of the lightest branches fall off the low-lying trees like veils and they slip over of my eyes, so that all I see is scattered nothing and blue blackness in quiet, lonely time I sink to the floor in fear and overwhelming feeling, laying my head in damp earth and shrunken flowers and…

Legacy of Briar Rose | poem

A thousand spindles A hundred wheels A dozen or so webs An entire century of slow hearts Tell me how does it feel… to be so beautiful and significant that you send your whole word into mournful sleep? Is your soul really so pure, so divine? Is it attainable– could your legacy be attained by…

buried in yourself

Did I ever love at all, if I held onto so much hatred of myself? I thought about it too long; now I don’t want to go. I need to trust my initial instincts. I always end up feeling like I’m not worth it. I always feel like I should make the conscious choice to…

nature of thoughts

Not all thoughts had are spoken. There is no need to. Thoughts are the collectives, the ones that can shape and construct, erode and destroy. They are the foundations of our actions, the foundation of our being. Not all thoughts had are spoken. There is no need to. ~Sammicakes

memory and her loss

Memory tucked in music and hidden in laughs. The memories in smells, in sounds, and in touches. The memories he held dearest were the ones the mind always tried to erase the fastest. The memories he held would never mean as much after the transfer of thoughts to the parchment, but he tried his best….

fulfilled nothingness

If I were to be trapped for eternity in a room full of nothing and I could pick one thing, anything, to be with me that nothingness… I would pick you. ~Sammicakes

World Revolution

You do not understand the magnitude of your significance in this world. Just by living you have impacted so many people, filled them with emotion and memory. You have already changed the world. ~Sammicakes