The Town: Part 3

“I don’t know, Jac’n… she… she smells like the forest.” “She looks like a horse gal.” “Oh, yeah. She loves ‘em.” “So when’s this wedding happening again?” “Spring.” “Hmph… I still can’t believe you married a girl.” “Is that right?” “I don’t mean it to be sideways, Zackhy, but I… I find it real unfair … Continue reading The Town: Part 3

The Means of the Internet (Thoreau Parody)

The Means of the Internet             Dreary eyes scanning the overt nature of the model’s account—the nature of her desperate, puckered lips that screamed for attention and validation—and cramped fingers swiping down my once immaculate screen. It is a shame, I think to myself as I adjust further in my leather La-Z-Boy and click my … Continue reading The Means of the Internet (Thoreau Parody)