Cherubs of Blaiic | Poem

No greater beings can be found in the entirety of this earthly plane

to hold the essence of spirituality and purity as the cherubs of Blaiic

No human kindness can compete, no mortal action can compare

to the effervescent vivacity within a cherub of Blaiic’s care

They hail from a northern kingdom guarded by silver and clouds

residents of Blaiic congregating to decide the fate of every living creature in the realm of the south

For each good deed that comes your way, for every gracious action

A sprinkle, a piece, of a cherub’s light is divided off, since a mortal can only handle a fraction

The love, peace, joy, and wonder of a cherub of Blaiic can be found in its eye

and when given to a human, it is for the betterment of you, and the betterment of I.

~ Sammicakes

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  1. judeitakali says:

    Beautiful 🧡

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      1. judeitakali says:

        Pleasure 🌼

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