(beyond) the nature of the angel

He laughed as though it was against his nature to not laugh. He smiled because it was the natural state of his face. To this being, it was the only way to exist, to present, to experience. This was beyond the nature of an angel. He was far more divine. ~Sammicakes

Cherubs of Blaiic | Poem

No greater beings can be found in the entirety of this earthly plane to hold the essence of spirituality and purity as the cherubs of Blaiic No human kindness can compete, no mortal action can compare to the effervescent vivacity within a cherub of Blaiic’s care They hail from a northern kingdom guarded by silver…

Dark Angel in Lonesome Town | Dark Hero

Everything was dark and quiet except for the ghostly call of the man (now very far away) and the faint plucking of his strings, singing:
“Maybe down in lonesome town, I can learn to forget…”

Angel Fate| Poem/ Song

An Accursed Red poem. ~ They say he went to heaven and I’ve been waiting for him to come down. But I’ve been waiting for too long. They said he’s in the clouds and I keep wanting to fly but I know I won’t get high enough. They want me to believe that he’s safe…