“Only darkness exists in my mind if a moment does not hold you in it. It is an essential darkness of potential, but I have been afraid for so long that I have hidden myself within it, too afraid to fully move past the false security it has gifted to me. It has confined and controlled me. It has weakened and nearly ruined me. You have shaped an eternal punishment of nothingness into a new potential for a life where I can cry and bleed and feel the aching beat of the heart in my chest as I realize that my body is real and whole and tethered to this earth. I have a right to exist now, as do you.”

Emptiness and darkness are potential; emptiness and darkness are essential, as it is where all life begins. But it is time to move beyond it. Guide me out of this darkness, what each of us perceive as darkness, so we can save what matters.

art credit


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