comparison | poem

Only competent by comparison I’m trying to keep everything together– but it’s coming undone and saying so makes it no fun Only competent by comparison ~ Sammicakes

pink, blue | poem

I said the sky was pink and you laughed in my face; I asked some other people and they saw the same thing I hung around a little bit longer; then I went back inside ~ Sammicakes

college life | saturday ramble

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope your week has been as eventful as mine. This week marked the start of my on-campus college career. With the COVID-19 restrictions, including having a very limited amount of guests to help me move in, the day unfolded in a strange, exciting, and bittersweet manner. I had to walk around…

Six Word Story

There is no bravery without fear. ~ Sammicakes “It wasn’t brave because he wasn’t scared: it was the only thing he could do. But going back again […] when he was really scared. That was brave. […] When you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.” — Neil Gaiman, Coraline

Bold | Saturday Poem

The boldest faces are the ones making the transition from babbles to bubbly speech. The boldest thoughts are spoken aloud from the smallest and high-pitchiest of mouths. The most audacious dreams come from the youthful minds uncorrupted by flocks of fear and failure. As is all things, the newest to come and the soonest to…

existence in a vaccum | poem

to be taken to a place, a mirrorless world, to say it clearly, a world devoid of everyone save for I. a place meant for me and the colors of my brain, where busy fingers cannot tousle my hair. the songs of the north and the south are deaf to me, the writings of the…

purpose | poem

not infinite, yet so vast the time upon us is uncountable and magnificent not entirely free to act on our own accord, but sufficient enough to progress never enough time, ability, or will to craft the desired vision of our person but in the constraints one can find purpose as in the murkiest of waters…

No Proof Of Yesterday | Ramblings

I stand in a room, noticing the walls that create the square I stand. I then wonder what proof there was that today existed. There is none. No one in a year, let alone in a millennium, would know that this day existed. Not how the day existed through my eyes, at least. That was…

Cottagecore | Poem

Pheasants and finches sun-dappled meadows and delicate wishes fulfilled by the dream of self-isolation. Not yet nostalgic not yet the present but instead a dream idyllic that a more kind world would let come to fruition. ~ Sammicakes

The Impact of Technology on Education | Essay

This was an essay for a scholarship I wrote in May. Enjoy! ~ In the wakes of the pandemic, our dependence on technology has become more pronounced than ever. College classes have all moved online; grade schools are following suit, though the change is not so foreign for them. Most families in my county have…