Moon’s Bedlam | Short Story

There is no future more bright than a future that is not mine.

I do not love the stars because they all glow above me, all bathe me in their brilliant golden aura as if to pity me.

If I am to destroy my enemy, I must tear myself apart limb by limb.


“The stars are beautiful,” a low voice hums against a silent night. There is an outline of a pale hand and pale fingers against the blue darkness, an outline that permeates my own and rests upon my shoulder. My eyes drift above to the moon. It hangs just barely above me, sagging like a low-lidded eye. After all, the moon is simply a sleep-starved sun.

“I can see the way they reflect in your eyes.”

Don’t tell me of the stars, I wish to say. Don’t tell me how beautiful you find them. I pray to every deity that all stars vanish, just for a moment, just for a night.

I sit upon a bed of colorless grass. I am shrouded by a grove with black trees wider than they are tall. I see the moon and its creamy, rippled reflection in the pond beneath it. The wind pries at the exposed skin of my neck, hands, ankles, feet. My hair obscures the pale hand from my peripheral vision as I look ahead.

A stream of blood runs from one of the trees, down the small slope of a grassy hill, forming a puddle by the bare toes of mine. Though all color from the rest of the universe has faded, a sea of red has swallowed up the entirety of the gray night and shines with unrestrained arrogance in the silver gleam of the tired sun.

“Or, I think, I can see the way they reflect in my eyes.”


Thank you for reading! I hoped you enjoyed this quick atmospheric piece. In other news, I am currently on winter break!! I’m really proud of what I did for my first semester as a college student, and I’m ready to take a break to do more of the non-academic stuff I love. I have been reading a lot more lately, but I plan on writing my own stuff, both for my blog and for my novel. If you would like to read some excerpts of it, click here. I hope everyone has had a safe Thanksgiving and is as pumped as I am for an amazing Christmas!


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  1. Belladonna says:


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  2. judeitakali says:

    This is deep and beautiful 😍

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  3. therahulravi says:

    This is so deep! And beautiful too.

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    1. sammicakes says:

      thank you, so glad the message resonated with you!

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