adonis atop stone | short story

Ascend the steps to the raised city above, hear those wild and intrepid bumbles and trips over drapes and cloths, hear the bodies of breath as we climb, ducking our heads as carriages fly by, the pillars of white marble standing stoic to catch our trembling hands. All about us are the people and its…

crooked brain | poem

I feel it in my head it’s not centered it inches to the left maybe that’s why I feel so… Today I will try to center it. ~ Sammicakes

Siren Days | Poem

red noise the kind of red you can’t see but the kind you can hear blaring and constant like all the news around you rich red, red noise ~ Sammicakes

struggles for the black bird

turn your head to the left a little further than you normally would. see the black bird perched on your shoulder with bleak black eyes strung in its head like beads. love and care for that bird, but do not remove him from your shoulders. cry at night, or in the day if you can’t…

flicker out | poem

what a short, miserable life you have lived born in a tree and dead in the styx marshes of despair and pity and pain all of your own accord, nothing more to sustain irreproachable on paper, but ultimately flawed in practice and design hanging from street lamps as if you’re alive what a short, miserable…

embers alone | poem

feeling bad feels nice head falling into a pillow, forearms rubbing against carpet. my face warm from the fire it feels so nice that I no longer feel bad at all How Long And Sweet A Dream Is On One Long And Dreamy Night. ~ accursed red: amazon and barnes and noble ❤

One Last Next Thing | Poem

I never will because there is always more. Always one more thing I must acquire another feeling I need to chase. Nothing is getting better inside of me. (I won’t lie.) But that doesn’t matter. I live for the one next thing the next thing on my list. I can’t do it until it is…

Overboard | Poem/Song

If you’re sad and feeling sober Just let me know, let me know. Or else I’m going over, going overboard, because this ship can’t contain your grievances– my condolences. – I’m going overboard sinking with the water where the pressure cracks my bones and I don’t have to listen to you or think of you….