Where do you belong in the world?

to find yourself old in a world filled with ideals that frighten you with ideals of beauty you do not find beautiful would be quite sad, alongside dying ~Sammicakes

nature of thoughts

Not all thoughts had are spoken. There is no need to. Thoughts are the collectives, the ones that can shape and construct, erode and destroy. They are the foundations of our actions, the foundation of our being. Not all thoughts had are spoken. There is no need to. ~Sammicakes

love in lines

You are the only essence that composes my heart. The heart is a vessel of potential: it has enough space within it to love or to hate in equal quantities. ~Sammicakes

(beyond) the nature of the angel

He laughed as though it was against his nature to not laugh. He smiled because it was the natural state of his face. To this being, it was the only way to exist, to present, to experience. This was beyond the nature of an angel. He was far more divine. ~Sammicakes

all for nothing

written 10/16 “I spent so much of my time worrying about things that don’t matter. How many hours did I read about all the different types of flowers, I couldn’t tell you. I thought I had loved them. I truly believed I did. It was nice to study their intricacies and what made them distinct…

Purpose and Potential | Chapter 1

introductory chapter of demons of their heart. long lost friends reunite under devastating circumstances. both have changed so much over the years, and so too have their feelings for the other. Among the flames and the first rains of ash, among screams and their subsequent silence, all Reinagaurd could think of was the growing hunger…

love of a divine

doth excerpt It was a sensation he believed he never could experience–that collective feeling and mutual sentiment that made two individuals completely bound in genuine oneness. A sentiment they both had shared upon their initial meeting, but one that would only be a modicum compared to what they each held for one another in the…


you don’t remember waking up. you don’t remember walking here. office could be a manifestation of your mind’s loneliest desire, you wouldn’t care. you have a job to do, the job is work. you walk the halls, the halls are barren and swollen with your thoughts, occasionally you hear the distant voice. you give it…

Musings on Love | Volume 1

~Sweet, Speculative Dreams~ In this life I’ve come to know many types of love. The terrifying, the profound, the kind, the cruel. The fleeting and the everlasting–the sun’s raging heat and the moon’s light of ivory cool. And in your warm, fluttering hands upon your deep, sweeping chest, you hold them all. ~ Fractured Hearts…

Moon’s Bedlam | Short Story

There is no future more bright than a future that is not mine. I do not love the stars because they all glow above me, all bathe me in their brilliant golden aura as if to pity me. If I am to destroy my enemy, I must tear myself apart limb by limb. ~ “The…