I Don’t Love the World | Poem/Song

In the morning

time stays a ticking.

I hear the doorbell:

whoever it is,

you better keep on ringing.

I don’t care about the world.

Sunshine is an annoying facet.

I always hate the shine on my assets.

I always wondered

what the world would say.

In the night,

I hear the crawling.

And in your arms

I keep on falling.

Maybe it’s just a dream.

Maybe it’s too extreme.

Moonlight is a scary creature

She loves to hide

every feature.

That would have made me

run from the world.

What is time

on this planet?

Stretch me thin

till I can’t stand it.

I’m happy…

but I don’t want to be.

What’s the matter with me?

What’s the matter with me?

Not wanting to be

the thing I want to be.

I don’t love the world.

No, I do not

love the world.

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