Smart Tech in the 1700’s

What would the people of 300 years ago use our current technology for? A (dumb) scholarship essay~


Imagine if the technological advancements we made today were done nearly 300 years ago. AI’s (Artificial Intelligence units), Google Glasses, and cellphone-caused backaches would become an early plague on our society. In this era—in the early 1700’s—individuals entering the first Great Awakening would be mostly fascinated in the Internet aspects of our scientific achievements. Having the ability to spread one’s message across not only the nation but the entire globe is a power a person alive in any point in time would feel the need to acquire.

This particular message perpetrated by the Great Awakening was simply to create a personal connection with God, rather than having to rely on the church to divulge into one’s spirituality. While some Protestants protested peacefully on the matter, minister Jonathon Edwards proclaimed his ideologies loudly. His most notable work was the piece, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” telling the nation to beg for God’s forgiveness before Hell came down upon them due to their wrongdoings. Powerful words spoken by one mere human—impressionable to thousands of other humans—belong on a platform as gullible as Facebook.

Having famous quotes of Edwards such as, “He that lives a prayerless life, lives without god in the world” slapped on a PNG with an arbitrary Minion (from Despicable Me) beside it would be exceptional content for Zuckerberg’s app. A message like this could quickly spread across Facebook’s “Normie Mom” demographic and influence thirtyfold the amount of people without technology.  

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