I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)

An old poem I wrote in August of 2016. A relaxing night-time read~


I am from long, ebony nights and bright, sunlit mornings

Awakening in time to see the blue light filter through my windows

I am from places of enchanted emerald forests and elephant graveyards

Exploring until my lungs and legs cannot cope with my wild mind

I am from loving the thrill of heights and plummeting to my near-death

And screaming whatever words first came to my mind on instant

I am from many states and cities, many friends and many encounters

All seem to have been left behind, but very little have been forgotten

I am from rising sleepily on summer Sundays

Where the corner of my eyes are still muddled with haze and grit

I am from baking sweets and gulping gallons of raw eggy dough

And squawking out notes before I truly knew how to sing

I am from reading far too long in the dark at far too young an age

And wearing too-weak of prescribed glasses since the second grade

I am from frizzy curls of a dark lion’s mane, and bushy eyebrows

And all people I met struggling to pronounce my last name

I am from running barefoot on a slightly damp hill

That rolled across lawns as ants bit my heals

I am from loving life and hating it in a matter of minutes

Until the end of the day comes, and all hate has been forbidden

I am from loving and being loved by friends and family alike

And talking, and eating, and laughing late into the long, ebony night

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  1. This is all about you and what makes you the perfect person you are today💗

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