Stuttering And It’s Impact On Me

When I could not form thoughts, or even ask simple questions (like asking to go to the bathroom), I turned to paper. My failure to speak allowed me to listen, observe, and then inscribe. This is the main reason why I hold writing so close to my heart--more than drawing or singing or baking or running--since it will always be my most eloquent form of communication. The words I say aloud are never as honest or precise as the ones I type and scribble.

Smart Tech in the 1700’s

What would the people of 300 years ago use our current technology for? A (dumb) scholarship essay~ ~~~~ Imagine if the technological advancements we made today were done nearly 300 years ago. AI’s (Artificial Intelligence units), Google Glasses, and cellphone-caused backaches would become an early plague on our society. In this era—in the early 1700’s—individuals … Continue reading Smart Tech in the 1700’s

I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)

An old poem I wrote in August of 2016. A relaxing night-time read~ ~~~~ I am from long, ebony nights and bright, sunlit mornings Awakening in time to see the blue light filter through my windows I am from places of enchanted emerald forests and elephant graveyards Exploring until my lungs and legs cannot cope … Continue reading I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)

A Few Selfish Reasons to Care About the Environment (Amazon Rainforest Response)

Getting people to care about things is very difficult. Especially if they can’t see it. If you haven’t studied the importance of the environment and nature as a whole, do not bother now. Because at this point, I’m guessing you’ll only want a summary, the CliffsNotes to the situation. Listed below are a few selfish … Continue reading A Few Selfish Reasons to Care About the Environment (Amazon Rainforest Response)