Writing 100+ Pages in 30 Days! | Saturday Ramblings

Happy Saturday!

I took a break from posting on my blog, but it was all for good reason, I promise. I came up with a new story idea in the start of the summer, and it completely consumed me. I was sick of thinking about it, having all the different strings of plot points and silhouettes of characters fading in and out of my mind, so I just went to typing!

Getting the words exactly how you want them to both look and feel on the page is a difficult task. Yet, I believe this new story is some of my best work yet, as I was able to achieve that exact task. Some days I would write only a few pages–my current record is ten pages written in one day–but no matter the quantity, I feel the quality was never sacrificed. In 40 days, I was able to write 133 pages. I have never written that much in such a short span of time! I’m very proud of myself and my dedication to this crazy story.

SO… what is this new story about? Before you read the synopsis below, just know that I really struggle with writing summaries of my work. For some reason I always feel like it’s too vague, and since I love to over explain things, they always feel lacking in length. Thankfully, I actually really like this one!

The title of this work in progress is Demons of Their Heart. Here’s the synopsis:

When Santhan, a magic-wielding Warrior, is given the chance to live with the ancient being he has heard tales of since his childhood, he takes it. The towering beast of Mavlonia, known also as the lost princess of Mavlonia, allows Santhan to escape a life forced upon him of sacrifice and subordination that came with his magical abilities. It is in this palace with the amiable and beautiful Amalla he is able to live free of human expectations and finally exist with love and purpose at his own will. 

And all was right until Amalla succumbed to his dark nature and swallowed the earth in ceaseless devastation. 


On a planet that has been infested with Otherworld beasts for decades, a conscientious pair determined to end it, Laileah and Reinagaurd, set out to find a highly ranked Warrior to train them. They were told he lives in isolation on the obliterated continent of Mirkrah with a statue of an enchanting being. Along their journey, the two form a relationship that ensures their survival in a dangerous world, as well as inspires into action the lonely Warrior hardened by failure and loss. 

Follow two tales of two where the demons of the world can only be vanquished after the demons of their heart.    

Kind of interesting? I think of it as a dark fairy tale, something twisted but fantastical. It’s also sort of romantic, which is not at all what I usually write. I always roll my eyes at poorly written romance, so I decided to take it upon my own hands to create relationships I genuinely enjoy. I will be posting small passages of it, and I would love to get some feedback on it from all of you!

That’s enough rambling for now. If you would like to purchase my published novel Accursed Red, click here to view it on Amazon. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Belladonna says:

    Oh wow!!!! I’m ready to read this book 😍😍😍


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