Saturday Storm | Poem

Raindrops sound like knives leaves pile up and worms wriggle free, thrive, in the storm I sleep, I survive ~Sammicakes

Missing Mornings | Poem

Stainless steel left a stain on my skin Not sure where the pain stops and my body begins Oh, please, please let me in seeing you again–you’re a friend Now I won’t ever get to get you and I don’t think I will ever get you But that don’t mean I won’t ever miss you…

Individualism | Song

It’s okay to preach  that love is all we need  because at the end of the day  Only the simple will believe  Because if love is all I need  Then why can’t I use it to pay  For my house, for my car, for my debt,  To feed my love, to feed my child?  It’s…

comparison | poem

Only competent by comparison I’m trying to keep everything together– but it’s coming undone and saying so makes it no fun Only competent by comparison ~ Sammicakes

Whole Lotta Love | Poem/ Song

It takes a whole lotta love to come back around to see the world as you need it to be I can’t spend more than a day wondering if you’re okay I can’t spend more than a minute thinking about how much I did or didn’t contribute to your society ~ Sammicakes

pink, blue | poem

I said the sky was pink and you laughed in my face; I asked some other people and they saw the same thing I hung around a little bit longer; then I went back inside ~ Sammicakes

Bold | Saturday Poem

The boldest faces are the ones making the transition from babbles to bubbly speech. The boldest thoughts are spoken aloud from the smallest and high-pitchiest of mouths. The most audacious dreams come from the youthful minds uncorrupted by flocks of fear and failure. As is all things, the newest to come and the soonest to…

worn out words | poem

thoughts travel without passports or permission; love cannot be contained in the human body, so it now grows in the oak trunk of an endless tree. time threads us together in loose, haphazard seams; dreams contain all my greatest fears and fantasies, so now I plant them in the mulch beneath tall grasses to grow…

love in time | poem/song

even if we don’t talk for years and years I’ll still hold you close to my heart even when time separates us you’ll always be apart of my life, of my life and I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep and you won’t fall to time I can guarantee and you won’t fall…

man of shadows | poem

there is a preponderance of darkness tonight, yet still the yellow lights stream through the road clear some transient shapes form and shift depending where we place our fingers let us construct a man from the shadows of my and your form, from the shadows of the sharp-topped homes, from the shadows of the long…