5 Apricot Summers in the City of Makanad

a fantasy contest story about summer ~ Before the last mammoth went extinct, a mango tree that spread across a thousand acres bloomed with a passion for enthusiastic life. Grandiose and gorgeous, the tree too had thin green stems enwrapped about its trunk bearing flowers and the small bodies of nearly born human beings. In … Continue reading 5 Apricot Summers in the City of Makanad

Smart Tech in the 1700’s

What would the people of 300 years ago use our current technology for? A (dumb) scholarship essay~ ~~~~ Imagine if the technological advancements we made today were done nearly 300 years ago. AI’s (Artificial Intelligence units), Google Glasses, and cellphone-caused backaches would become an early plague on our society. In this era—in the early 1700’s—individuals … Continue reading Smart Tech in the 1700’s