The Town: Part 5

Jac’n had lugged his lightweight from door to door, knocking and hollering, kneeling and begging. There had to be one person in this barren, good-for-almost-nothing kind of town that would want him before he offed himself.


The door had been shut on him ten times—six women and four men—and now he had only two options: return home and shut himself in for a few weeks before the emptiness “exploded his insides,” or accept defeat two times more.

Since Jac’n was a fool, he decided to do the latter.

With the sun sunk deep into the ground and the moon now suspended in sparkly darkness, Jac’n thought it best to acquire (at the very least) a living space for the night. He then found himself in front of the third building, the last one on the street, and figured he had nothing to lose if he knocked.

So he did.

There was no response. So he knocked again.

Footsteps. But not from inside the building.

Just before he had time to turn around, before Jac’n could realize that there was something coming from behind him, before he could really care, a sharp object penetrated the soft spot of his neck, and he fell dead.

Violent—sad—eyes filled the night, beautiful waves of blond rippling through the wind. The night remained just as still, just as silent, as if not a drop of blood had been spilled onto the cold shadows of the pavement.    


Hey, guys! It’s Sam. I just wanted to let you know that I will be publishing a book soon and it will be ready to buy in a little over a month. I have the first five chapters of Accursed Red on this blog in its own category. I’m really excited, and I hope all of you enjoy it!

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