Where do you belong in the world?

to find yourself old in a world filled with ideals that frighten you with ideals of beauty you do not find beautiful would be quite sad, alongside dying ~Sammicakes

A Child Born With a Greater Propensity for Sadness than His Peers

memories of the fairytale’s prince In a clearing that had lost its detail and remained only its space and existence were four children. Two boys of bronze skin and golden hair, and the other set of twins the boys both called Flower. One of the boys, louder and brash, was usually not to play with…

(beyond) the nature of the angel

He laughed as though it was against his nature to not laugh. He smiled because it was the natural state of his face. To this being, it was the only way to exist, to present, to experience. This was beyond the nature of an angel. He was far more divine. ~Sammicakes

voids of time, lost to time

“No time left in the present”  No time measured in the glass spheres  That broke into shards  All around him  “No time like the present,” he told himself No time, no time left in the present So he spun the shards about the dead ground until he bled   Visiting pieces that would have best been …

Quondam Winds (Part 2)

There was one night when she was fifteen that was especially cold. She had been through what she had thought was the coldest of colds two years ago, but this one was far worse. She felt her toes go numb and her fingers grow so brittle that it felt like they had been cut off….

5 Apricot Summers in the City of Makanad

a fantasy contest story about summer, magic, and love ~ Before the last mammoth went extinct, a mango tree that spread across a thousand acres bloomed with a passion for enthusiastic life. Grandiose and gorgeous, the tree too had thin green stems enwrapped about its trunk bearing flowers and the small bodies of nearly born…

Dark Angel in Lonesome Town | Dark Hero

Everything was dark and quiet except for the ghostly call of the man (now very far away) and the faint plucking of his strings, singing:
“Maybe down in lonesome town, I can learn to forget…”

The Sad Man’s Rambles | Of Christmas and Stuff

Of Christmas and Stuff The man knew a few things for certain. He was no Scrooge. He was no Grinch. But he sure as heaven knew that he was no Santa. He didn’t mind the fact that at the tender age of four his parents had told him that Santa was a nonexistent being, one…

Chosen One

They were the one. The chosen one. Why? Who cares! They were the one. They had to do this. No point in giving a reason, for this was destiny, put in place by the spirits above who pulled all the strings. But wait… why were they the chosen one? They didn’t have any special qualities,…