Wicked Beauty of the Only Queen


A moment of recollection:

Her humor, her compassion, her intellect, her passion, her love– all of it had once stemmed from her sadness. It guided her perspective and worldview. It led her actions, and it inspired the thoughts she shared aloud with me. That ache of emptiness ascended her to the stars.

Now all I saw was her anger. How explosive and rapid things are when you lead in fury! Perhaps it was for this reason she had made the change three decades ago: the rewards of a stable and gentle rule were reaped too slowly, if it at all, and wrath, to give it a single praise, makes good on its promises. But this rapid change has been too rapid. No time for adjustment has been able to be made, especially for this who have lived under the totality of her reign.

Sadness or anger, her role has been glorious. She is a being radiant and divine, and even in her wicked deeds there is a pure and beautiful light that shines within and down upon her– or perhaps now too… arises from the grounds below her. She will always be, in even unfathomable death, an essence of true divinity that no man or mortal creature could extinguish, could compare. Her dreams are painted into the sky, woven within those same stars that now shine like dull embers of dying flame. She is and will forever be the only queen in the heart of this universe she has claimed as her own.


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  1. Belladonna says:

    oh yes she haas fire and passion. That’s a great combination.

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