Talking to a Memory | Saturday Writings

“I do not have any memories. Well… that is a lie. That is… I do not have any memories that do not have you in them. There is existence before you, of course, and while it is vast, it is ultimately blank and shapeless. It is void of feeling and purpose. The only parts that exist in me now are ones we had shared. I believe that means I can trust you. Can I not?”

“You can. I promise.”

“Then will you help me create myself in my most honest and truthful form?”

“Yes. But how can we do that?”

“I suppose we bargain. Our powers come from the same heart, do they not? We can both get the elements we desire and make them one. I want finality of my heart. That is… I desire an end. You were someone that loved me, so you can make me as you wish. You can make me as you loved me with all the contents of your desires, whatever they might be. All I ask is that I am human and that my heart will have an end.”

“Is that really all you ask? Is that really all you want?”


“So you mean… do you mean you wish to die?”


“But how do I… how can we…”

“I trust you enough for the both of us. Make me as you loved me and even more. Just please, let me achieve finality with you. I have seen enough of this world, and it will have nothing else for me once you are no longer here. Let me achieve finality and fulfillment with you… with a heart that is human. You are the only essence that composes my heart. You, little human, are my heart. Would you say that enough time has passed for us to finally start living?”

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  1. judeitakali says:

    A beautiful epic love story going on.

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    1. sammicakes says:

      exactly what I was going for! This is a piece of that project I was talking about before. Thank you so much ❤️


      1. judeitakali says:

        My pleasure Sammi. I’ll try to keep an eye out 🙏🏾

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sammicakes says:

      thank you for reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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