existence in a vaccum | poem

to be taken to a place, a mirrorless world, to say it clearly,

a world devoid of everyone save for I.

a place meant for me and the colors of my brain,

where busy fingers cannot tousle my hair.

the songs of the north and the south are deaf to me,

the writings of the east and west worlds

unread by my eye.

I am nameless and purposeful,

I am free and wonderful.



skin and hands and hair

are not enough to be a person in this world.

in this world where the songs drown me in their melody,

and the writings erase my will,

my every thought droned out by the sound of the vacuum and the shattering of glass walls.

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  1. I absolutely love the imagery in this work!

    A mirrorless world. We need a reflection. We need someone we recognize looking back, noticing us, seeing us, as we realize we are never alone.

    Are we attracted to betrayal, or are we just foolish?

    Humans do dumb things, and then end up in a position of life where they only want to see themselves. Often, they become stuck, or comforted by what is seen, and what they say is most recognizable.

    I believe you have captured in this poem an urge to be complete in a reflection, because others are confusing. Others are unreadable, making what you truly know the ultimate safety. But, as you said towards the end of the work, you soon become distracted. Your mere thoughts soon become visions, placed at the end of a rope where you have no choice but to balance yourself.

    It’s not so bad to fall, though to who catches you, as that becomes a question. Or, where you land, might not always be the loneliness where we, again, stay stagnant.


    I might have analyzed too much. 🙂

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    1. sammicakes says:

      every analysis you do is even better than my original post! love your words, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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