Imperative Incessance | Poem

this existence is stone

a force that gravity would not dare kiss.

fingers pulsate and go numb

under the touch, the futile embrace

of silver, enwrapped about a withered wrist.

tune out the empty drum of strangled voices

to only feel the same few words gliding—

slipping, burning into my brain.

ones that speak of empty wishes and worries.

of depression, of rage, of trivial naggings.

they wait for a solution to be granted

in the forms of freedom from infinite enslavement.

these same words pound again and again.

can no one silence their fatal whisperings?

my breath is caught in my chest.

and my heart flutters beautifully, sputtering—

breath is lost, and my vision is that of damp red.

there are no stones about my shoulders.

gravity is a force I am no stranger to; I fear it not.

the chains on my wrists loosen.

they tell me I am free to go.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for reading this old poem of mine. If you want to check out my fantasy novel Accursed Red, click here ! I’d love a new review! I might be posting more sporadically on here since I just started my college classes. Nevertheless, I am here!

~ Sammicakes

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  1. judeitakali says:

    Deep poem, shedding fear does loosen/break the shackles o this world

    Liked by 1 person

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