State of Illusion | Poem/ Song

Jumped into a fire,

didn’t get burned.

Because of the strength

of your last words.

You have no impact on me

but it is I

who cannot reach

a proper conclusion.

It’s a state of illusion.

I think I’m losing

myself to me.

I think it’s time

to live my life

without any fears,

without any love,

without you.

Swam to the bottom of the ocean,

didn’t drown.

Because all of my sadness

wasn’t strong enough to weigh me down.

You have no impact on me

yet it is a lie to say

that I will forget it.

One time for me.

Here is some hope

for a family tree.


Hey, all! I have a lot of scrap song lyrics in my phone, so I thought I could turn them into poems for this blog. I have a few old songs that I uploaded onto my soundcloud this week, so check them out if you’re interested. I’ll be transferring them to my YouTube channel this week as well. Thank you for reading!!

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