Don’t Have Only One Trait That Defines You: Identity Essay


The only way to describe that phenomenon of green-faced Jealousy.

That one bright, talented prodigy that excels at one feat so well that their superiority in that field is the first thing that comes to mind upon thinking of them.

Well, what happens when they lose that special spark that had constructed their whole being? What happens when they lose the most important part of themselves?

You are this prodigy, in your own way and to a certain extent. There is one trait, job, or accomplishment that you hold higher than yourself; and you place an intense amount of pressure to not only do exceptional at this task, but the best at it. Every time I have to write a summative paper in class, for example, I write quickly—fearfully—because I know that these are the assignments I thrive at. I am the writer, and I must be good at writing.

However, I make sure to have a plethora of skills and interests. I am more than just a writer. If I don’t do as well as I hoped on an essay, I try my best not to weight me down. I have other things I love to do and do well. I can’t put my entire identity in just writing, because I’ve seen the effect it has on people. That same prodigy from before could burn out, or lose all sense of themselves entirely. Focus on being more well-rounded and having a wide variety of activities that you find fulfilling.

A jack of all trades rather than the burnt-out master of one.

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