Don’t Have Only One Trait That Defines You: Identity Essay

Envious. The only way to describe that phenomenon of green-faced Jealousy. That one bright, talented prodigy that excels at one feat so well that their superiority in that field is the first thing that comes to mind upon thinking of them. Well, what happens when they lose that special spark that had constructed their whole … Continue reading Don’t Have Only One Trait That Defines You: Identity Essay

Stuttering And It’s Impact On Me

When I could not form thoughts, or even ask simple questions (like asking to go to the bathroom), I turned to paper. My failure to speak allowed me to listen, observe, and then inscribe. This is the main reason why I hold writing so close to my heart--more than drawing or singing or baking or running--since it will always be my most eloquent form of communication. The words I say aloud are never as honest or precise as the ones I type and scribble.


For six decades, Harvard was the only college to exist in America. Hardly anyone finished high school in the 1800’s, let alone applied to an elite university, and they were quick to get to work and start a family, as the life expectancy was only 40 years. With such a short life, it makes sense … Continue reading 5%