Nobodies in Rodem

Here’s another sample of The Dark Hero. If you’ve read Accursed Red, you understand what’s going on. I have five sample chapters of my book on here, just click the Accursed Red tab, and you’ll see the entire list of links to the chapters. (I will warn you: I changed a few things before I actually published it.) If you like it, check it out on Amazon or on the barnes and nobles website. Enjoy!


She could not see his face. She would not. She was incapable of seeing him.

          Lin stayed in a single spot—balled up in the corner of the broken living room—for what felt like months since Nyoka. (It had been two weeks.)

He had left her home desolate and white. The stairs and the upper levels all still remained; Lin did not have the mental or physical strength to see if her father was still there. Still on the wall. Dead and gray.

          The entire ordeal had made Lin surrender. She was too afraid to scream or cry anymore. She stayed silent and unmoving, waiting for the snow to fall and bury her useless body.

Failure was no stranger to Linnasoeta Choi. Instead, it was a feeling she had made friends with; she had shaken its hand and declared that as long as she existed, it would follow her everywhere.

Why had she succumbed to such a mentality? It had cost her everything she cared about. She was never powerful, but at least she had once been strong…

She would not persevere. She would not survive this. She would never see Shen’s face.


The pair stood by a boat on the ocean shore. Despite the temperature, both wore short sleeves and pants that stopped before their knees. Shibun pushed back his hair and returned both his hands to his pockets. The wind ripped his hair out of place and rattled his baggy clothes.

          “Do you think Nyoka could catch up to us now?”

          Ruby, sprawled out on the sand, huffed. “Maybe to you. I could blink and be back home.”

          Shibun smirked and lifted the little girl with two heads to her feet. “I don’t think the Underworld is much of a home, Ruby.” They began to walk.

          “The real question you should be asking is if that skinny girl even wants to come with us.”

          He dropped his smile a bit and glanced up at the sky. Only a few shades lighter than black, drowning the world in drops of white snow. It was almost beautiful, almost right.

          The boy shook his head. “I know Linnasoeta. We have the same… passion for justice.”

          “How would you even know that?”          

Shibun winked, a huge grin spreading across his face. “Runs in the family.”

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