princess transformation | self-indulgent dress sequence

the princess adorns her new gown for the ball, feeling more beautiful and strange than ever before!

Laileah sat on a low window seat, swinging her feet. As she waited for the other woman, she admired the craftsmanship of her gown. It was one of the most delicate shades of blue she had ever seen, not something of the sky but more so of the speckled blue eggs that shone just slightly in the sunlight. Along the sides of her waist, hips, chest, and length of the arms was a silver trim and laces with small flecks of forest green woven in, subtle but apparent in its rich contrast. The sleeves held such great length that she could not see her hands when she stuck her arms out by her sides, and sitting down she could not see her freshly groomed legs and feet. The old woman, however, must have had an eye for her greater feature, as the neckline was both wide and low, with the entirety of her upper chest revealed and gleaming, the gown’s lifting of her breasts just enough to make such a modest gown romantic, the growing moonlight catching in her collarbones and the groove of her chest. The speed at which it was made in such loving detail and skill… it was, she decided, the most beautiful piece of clothing she had ever been gifted and ever had owned.

She kept swinging her feet engulfed in the gown, looking at everything, eyes bouncing around from corner to corner, fluttering train to flowered hair. The sky was now dark, and the lanterns and fire flickered in starlight and the moon’s glow.


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  1. judeitakali says:

    beautifully descriptive.

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    1. sammicakes says:

      thank you, Jude!!

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      1. judeitakali says:

        My pleasure.

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