no better reason to change | story

doth excerpt; reality and the love for human perception

“To speak on perception for a moment, it is actually quite a curious occurrence. Would you like to hear about it? Oh, perfection! I am very sorry to go on so long, but I feel it is partially relevant to your question of the ‘how’ I do anything. As you may know, there is a limitation to your perception of the world, like the range of colors and dimensions and detections of energy and heat and life, and for so long I was not aware that I was viewing the world so differently from you all, and thinking back I was ignorant on how all other life saw the world as well. But it was your kind that communicated your version, your selected piece, of reality, and I was only able to understand how humans see the world as you are the only ones without enough self importance and death dread to illustrate your views through words and paintings, and I adjusted myself to match your reality. 

“And my, how much more simple it all was! How wise it was to experience life this way! Before, I saw and felt so much, too much I believe, that I had to simplify this overpowering reality as best as I could to something as rudimentary as yours. I was born able to feel the heat and power emitted beyond and within the earth. I was born able to perceive all varieties of outcomes with no differentiation between the planes and with no respect to any of your laws of time in a scattered presentation that lived on infinitely and separately from one another. I was born with an inability to recognize patterns to aid in the classifications of matter and the simplification of reality, and even though I had grown accustomed to it, comparing it to my scant perception now is almost terrifying. I was born able to perceive so much of this madness, all of it so horribly and painfully radiant and blinding and screeching and unstable that it was everything and nothing to experience. And because I love you all, and because there is no better reason to change than that, I had to put restrictions on myself and limits on my truth of living, actively blinding myself to begin truly experiencing. In those restrictions and limitations, I found a much more comforting way to view the world. There is a limit to its glow now, to its spectrum of senses and sensations, that it can be more greatly appreciated and defined in its beautiful rarity. It is a fantastic and very sage trait your kind has acquired, and I am so grateful for it, for I now know very little.”


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