The Colors I Can’t See | Stream of Consciousness Saturday

There’s no point in having envy for the things that can see more than me. My foresight is barely greater than the common deer, because in the vastness of the universe I know nothing. The shrimp can see colors I cannot fathom–but I have no hatred for them, no burning jealousy or envy that would usually turn my face pale. I am nothing more than them and I’m not privy to the sights they see as they are not privy to all the emotions I feel.

It is hard to be human. We make it hard to be human. I have no desire to know the colors I can’t see.


Happy Saturday! I hope all of you reading are having a great start to your weekend. Congratulations to all my fellow students on summer break–we all deserve it! I just wanted to thank you all for reading my blog and continuing to support me and my work. Have a great morning, afternoon, or night. ❤

~ Sammicakes

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