Korean Mother’s Day Dishes!!

Today’s word of the day is explore, and thats exactly what I did last Sunday when I made Korean dishes for mother’s day! Asian cuisine is my mom and I’s favorite, so I wanted to go all out. We had a big pot of rice to go with all of it, as well as our chopsticks. Very authentic, I know.

I encourage all of you to explore new recipes and cuisines and markets every week, to better appreciate food and the time and heart you have to put in to make it.

kimchi pancakes with a homemade dipping sauce
honey garlic salmon, so good!
honey sesame chicken–some of the BEST chicken I’ve had
soybean sprouts
spinach salad, because you can’t skip out on your greens

Did this all take about four hours to make? Yes. Was it worth it? YES! My whole family loved it, especially my mom, and I think there’s something special about the happiness good food brings to people. Hope you all are safe, and keep exploring!

Recipes used:

Kimchi Pancakes

Honey Garlic Salmon

Seasoned Soybeans

Spinach Side Dish

Honey Garlic Chicken (Highly recommend this one!)

~ Sammicakes

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