Support for Teen Authors Wanting to Self-Publish

There aren’t really any instructions when it comes to writing. People find a lot of answers or resources for the careers they are pursuing after doing a quick online search.

But writing is different. Especially for teen authors.

I am no expert in this field, and I would be lying if I said I knew exactly what I was doing. My work ethic—like most kids my age—is pretty off and on; some days I feel like doing a million things for school, my book, and this lovely pink blog you’re on; other days I don’t have the willpower to type or write or study a single thing.

For people my age and younger, I want to provide some support. I am going to be looking into starting a program where I can give teenagers the support they need when it comes to navigating all this mess. Not just the mess of writing or publishing a book, but also with pre-adult life, and all of it’s overwhelming, unmotivating, occasionally disheartening, devoid-of-stable-feelings confusion. A lot of kids don’t have that support, and I would love to provide them with it, as well as give advice to how they can find a piece of their identity through writing.

I will be working on this program so that it is available to people online and in person, in addition to making YouTube videos on the posts I have made here. In the meantime, I would be very grateful if you checked out my dark science fantasy novel, Accursed Red. The sequel to it has about 35 pages as of now, and I finally have enough time to expand on it. Thank you for the support and reading my blog, and do let me know if you are interested in my program!     

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