Movies & Shows I Watched in March 2023

Another month gone, a new month in its place! This was a lighter month of new content for me, since my schedule is becoming more demanding with work and studying. I was in the mood to watch things I’ve already seen a dozen times before that I didn’t need to pay full attention to– Disney movies, Modern Family, Gilmore Girls again— while doing my work.

One thing I love about documenting all the new things I watch is I can remember exactly where I was and what I was feeling during that time. It helps me keep track of time when everything moves so quickly.

  • Beautiful Boy ❤ (I cried, I think it was at this part)
  • Barbershop
  • A Dog’s Purpose
  • Spanglish
  • Eat Pray Love
  • Forrest Gump
  • The War of the Roses ❤ (best non-romance comedy ever)
  • Disturbing Behavior (a fun psychological horror with the ever-handsome James Marsden
  • Before Sunrise ❤ (so sweet and romantic!)
  • Before Sunset
  • Napilly Ever After
  • Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Mojave (The Things I Watch for Oscar Isaac)
  • The Promise ❤ (TTIWFOI; I thought I was watching a love triangle movie, and I got a movie detailing the Armenian Genocide. It was sad and beautiful, not really what I was expecting. I see Oscar Isaac and don’t really read further into it, so that’s on me.)
  • The Woman King
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
  • Secret Life of Bees
  • Belle
  • Whip It
  • White Lotus (Season 1 and 2) ❤

I still have a lot of new books and movies to finish this year, and I’m so excited to share them with you all. What was something you watched in March you loved?



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  1. judeitakali says:

    Hey Sammi. Been missing your posts. Hope you’re well.


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