Dark Chocolate Brownies!!

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone’s been having a good week.

I’m nearing the last few weeks of being home before moving for college. That being said, I’ve been sure to bake something awesome for everyone once a week! Last Saturday, I scoured Pinterest for the best brownie recipe I could find; keep in mind, I’ve done this several times before. While I like the recipe I used a few months ago, I knew there must be a better one somewhere out there.

Baking is hard. Especially the easy stuff. Tres Leche Cake with a homemade caramel? Done it. Multi-layer chocolate cake and a homemade frosting? Done it. Cinnamon rolls, biscuits, donuts, and pumpkin rolls? Done it. A simple chocolate chip cookie or brownie? Yikes.

Since the ingredients are so basic when it comes to these two, it really all just comes down to the process. Butter can make brownies flavorful, but oil helps them stay fudgy. Over-mixing the dry ingredients into the wet can make them tough and cakey– not my favorite.

After some ingredient research and cross-recipe comparisons, I ended up using this one. And I have to say, they were definitely the best brownies I’ve made! They were a deep chocolate, slightly salted, and perfectly soft, save the firm crunch of the edges, perfect with my Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream. Besides the taste, I love how photogenic and posable (pose-able??) they all were.

15 awesome brownies!!

As the great Jeff Winger once said:

Well, too bad, Jeff! Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll see you all soon.

~ Sammicakes

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  1. Belladonna says:

    😩😩😩 Don’t leave me!!!!

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  2. Ricettiamoinsiemecucinando says:


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  3. Leif Price says:

    Sounds delicious! 💯

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    1. sammicakes says:

      they were, thank you!!


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