now they know | stream of consciousness

what could they know finale

part 1

part 2


How many lies until I get to open the door to the real world?

How many memories must I earn to be welcome to reality?

I asked what could they know, I asked myself what I am–

and with confidence I can now say it.

It doesn’t matter much to me now to ask what the world thinks,

and I don’t think I have to ask that of myself anymore.

It was a mountain stacked on top of a mountain, and the more I travelled up, the worse everything felt.

Until, near its peak, the thin air and thick cold made me look down at the trodden footsteps before me;

those were no longer mine, and I realized I was not the same person I had been just a few feet, a few minutes, before.

It is not premature. Now they know.

Now I know.

~ Sammicakes

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