The Virus of Panic, Delusion, and the EARN IT Act

The Virus of Panic, Delusion, and the EARN IT Act

We know how the world runs. The rich do the running, the poor do the watching. No matter where we stand, we know how it operates. Among that sector of the rich are the people who literally run our world–our government. The policies they enact can be futile or fatal, but all it takes are some bats or pangolins to infect a few thousand people, and those who don’t run the world are none the wiser to the actions they commit labelled other.

Everyone knows there is comfort in ignorance. This is why children are happy and no one else is. But it is easy to realize that we delve back into that state of blissful naivety in order to distance ourselves from the problems just outside our door; that is, until they come knocking, kicking out the hinges, and barreling in.

The human brain is not all that great at multitasking, on another note. It is difficult for us to switch quickly between tasks, and often we do a poor job at both of them. It is impossible for us to do two things at once with one thought, though our brains have deluded us to believe so. You know of the Coronavirus and the way it is affecting every aspect of our lives, and you know all the false information the president spreads, and you know that Biden and Bernie have and will continue to to debate how they would handle this said virus–and that is enough to keep your brain from imploding.

But what do you know of the insanity that is panic buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer? What do you know of the EARN IT Act that has been recently propositioned? 

I will link the article below if you wish to learn about the abolishment of encryption (and free speech) and the horrendous impact this will have on the online world, as I do not want to restate any of its already well made points. The purpose of my writing this is to highlight how easy it is to sneak things past the one collective mind that is general society. 

As conditions are exacerbated and schools close for weeks on end, take this time of social distancing and solitude to educate yourself. Not just on the virus–or the aspects the virus is affecting–but everything completely disjointed from it.

We know how the world runs. We must not trust those who run it blindly.  



accursed red: amazon or barnes and noble

thank you for reading, stay safe, and stay smart 🙂


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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    I had to stop listening to the news for similar reasons, as it was provoking fear and anxiety in me. I will read an article or two a day, but sometimes it’s best to turn it off and walk away. One site I use to get reliable data regarding COVID-19 is

    As for toilet paper, some stores started putting limits on how much people can buy. The greed I saw a couple weeks ago was ridiculous, and it goes to show how animalistic humans really are when it comes to survival. I agree that children are some of the happiest people on the planet. Like the saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss.”

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    1. sammicakes says:

      it’s essential to not bombard yourself with unnecessary amounts of negative news, especially when a good amount of it is factually incorrect! people are also really influenced by others, so if they see one person buying a bunch of toilet paper, everyone else will follow suite. truly a hive mind mentality- that causes more panic!!


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