Doodles and Sketches By a Girl Who Can’t Draw

I’m always drawing up stuff on my classwork and in my spare journal, and I thought I would share some of my favorites 🙂

action pose
another heavenly sword pose
pin up practice
messy, but probably the cutest one i’ve ever drawn
those hands are horrifying :2
coraline in my “art style”
aaaand lastly, another pic of my boy will byers :)) this one took awhile, i’m not the best at realism

Thanks for checking out my drawings! I have always been pretty horrible at it, but I have really started to try and get better artistically. Just in June of 2018, I was drawing horribly (pic below) and now I can actually make decent poses/faces! People now think of my as “arty” (even though I’m not the greatest) and it’s quite shocking. I never would have thought that I would be able to make anything more than crappy stick figures. I kept telling myself that people are born naturally exceptional at certain skills, that some people are naturally good at drawing and I wasn’t one of them; I was denying myself the ability to try. And failing to try will always be a disservice to yourself.

I hope you are continuing to improve on the things you love, even if people doubt you now. It might just become the thing you love to do most.

summer of 2018. look at that waist and the arms… yikes.

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  1. So true!!! We hold ourselves back.

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