Anonymous | Poem

Forgive and forget Easier to say than implement Forgive and forget Maybe it’s better Just to pretend Maybe it’s better Just to pretend __________________________ ~ Sammicakes

may promises | prose

I promise… to cherish my friends and family to treat myself and my body with respect to be patient in all circumstances to remember all the parts of life that bring me joy to do all the things that make my day bright to listen to some of my favorite songs… and maybe write a…

embers alone | poem

feeling bad feels nice head falling into a pillow, forearms rubbing against carpet. my face warm from the fire it feels so nice that I no longer feel bad at all How Long And Sweet A Dream Is On One Long And Dreamy Night. ~ accursed red: amazon and barnes and noble ❤

Gray Haze Girls | Poem/Song

white day in a white world perfect passing for a white girl I want the universe to turn cold. black night in a black world lovely lips for a black girl I want the universe to die. you come and pass me you come and give me you come and pass away if I want…

One Last Next Thing | Poem

I never will because there is always more. Always one more thing I must acquire another feeling I need to chase. Nothing is getting better inside of me. (I won’t lie.) But that doesn’t matter. I live for the one next thing the next thing on my list. I can’t do it until it is…