Vice City, Jainu | One Line Story

This short story is based off my novel, Accursed Red. Enjoy! ~ In the heart of the most beautiful city in Dark Earth, standing beneath the skyscrapers and starlight, there stood the curse, a young woman who told herself to forget about all her troubles for just one glorious, befuddling night. ~ Sammicakes

Final Act | Six Word Story

They clapped with hesitation and insincerity. «»«»«»«»«»«»«» Hello and hello! I hoped you liked my six word story. If you’re viewing this post on Reader, I recommend you visit my site for a better, prettier experience. You can go through the archives of all my posts published by clicking the archives drop down on the…

anecdotal existence

I wonder if nothing would have happened if I didn’t know about it. How life would have been different if I was ignorant to the issue. ~ Sammicakes