Lines of Life

a collection of one-liners I only hate you when the darkness fails to obscure your evil deeds, and even then I am lost in the magnificence of your power. Dying in my arms, trembling when trying to speak, and all they could do was scream in my face. Buried your memories within my soul: I…

Musings on Love | Volume 1

~Sweet, Speculative Dreams~ In this life I’ve come to know many types of love. The terrifying, the profound, the kind, the cruel. The fleeting and the everlasting–the sun’s raging heat and the moon’s light of ivory cool. And in your warm, fluttering hands upon your deep, sweeping chest, you hold them all. ~ Fractured Hearts…

Vice City, Jainu | One Line Story

This short story is based off my novel, Accursed Red. Enjoy! ~ In the heart of the most beautiful city in Dark Earth, standing beneath the skyscrapers and starlight, there stood the curse, a young woman who told herself to forget about all her troubles for just one glorious, befuddling night. ~ Sammicakes

Final Act | Six Word Story

They clapped with hesitation and insincerity. «»«»«»«»«»«»«» Hello and hello! I hoped you liked my six word story. If you’re viewing this post on Reader, I recommend you visit my site for a better, prettier experience. You can go through the archives of all my posts published by clicking the archives drop down on the…

anecdotal existence

I wonder if nothing would have happened if I didn’t know about it. How life would have been different if I was ignorant to the issue. ~ Sammicakes