love or death

If she were to do that it would end in one of two ways–love or death–and both were wicked, wicked, wicked. ~Sammicakes

American Ignorant | One Liner Wednesday

This post was written for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday prompt. After a lot of research, and some time watching videos on all the awful beliefs Americans hold on to without actually knowing what they’re talking about, this line came to me. Enjoy! ~ You just can’t escape American ignorance. ___________________________________ ~ Sammicakes

Vice City, Jainu | One Line Story

This short story is based off my novel, Accursed Red. Enjoy! ~ In the heart of the most beautiful city in Dark Earth, standing beneath the skyscrapers and starlight, there stood the curse, a young woman who told herself to forget about all her troubles for just one glorious, befuddling night. ~ Sammicakes

One-Liner Wednesday | Rose Garden

This piece was written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday promp. Dead, crispy rose petals littered the garden in such a way that it made my spirit droop, until I saw the one red rose alive and gleaming in all it’s splendor. ~ One bad rose can ruin the whole garden, but one good rose…