Do You Know What it Means? | World of Dreams

I dream of me almost sleeping, by your side while you speak, you call to the beautiful girls all around you, rubbing my legs, my feet– speaking in a voice that was not your own, while I look out into the distance of a vast world ~Sammicakes

a remembered dream

how strange a thought it is now to think it was once lost this loving reality-to-be that guides my every step once forgotten by me how horrible life would be (would be and was) to live (just barely) with forgotten dreams ~Sammicakes

the way you see me in your dreams you must love me

you’re more than a friend oh, it happened again and it’ll keep happening oh, baby you’re more than a friend the nights I don’t take to not think of you you creep into the later morning and then I dream of us two you want to tell me things that make me happy but it’s…

embers alone | poem

feeling bad feels nice head falling into a pillow, forearms rubbing against carpet. my face warm from the fire it feels so nice that I no longer feel bad at all How Long And Sweet A Dream Is On One Long And Dreamy Night. ~ accursed red: amazon and barnes and noble ❤

hotel it do be make you happy

last night’s nightmare. I didn’t know we were going to a hotel until I opened my eyes one morning and found myself in one. I asked my parents where we were, and they responded with tight, wide smiles that made their cheeks touch their ears. This was a bad answer to me, so I turned…

Excerpt of Accursed Red Sequel

Here’s an excerpt of The Dark Hero, a sequel to my book Accursed Red. Check it out if you like dark fantasy and science fiction, and enjoy! ~ Rêve Cotton pillows resting heavy mounds of golden hair; pale skin and the dryness night had on a child’s throat; a window slightly ajar thus permitting the night…

The Promise Land (Part 2)

“Lin, where are you going?” Ismus shouted while pursuing her running friend. Linnasoeta threw off her shirt and much too tiny skirt in the Creek Forests. She stripped off her socks and ripped her hair out of the bun, running free with just her undergarments. Without bothering to fold up her clothes, she abandoned them…