(beyond) the nature of the angel

He laughed as though it was against his nature to not laugh. He smiled because it was the natural state of his face. To this being, it was the only way to exist, to present, to experience. This was beyond the nature of an angel. He was far more divine. ~Sammicakes

fulfilled nothingness

If I were to be trapped for eternity in a room full of nothing and I could pick one thing, anything, to be with me that nothingness… I would pick you. ~Sammicakes

love or death

If she were to do that it would end in one of two ways–love or death–and both were wicked, wicked, wicked. ~Sammicakes

World Revolution

You do not understand the magnitude of your significance in this world. Just by living you have impacted so many people, filled them with emotion and memory. You have already changed the world. ~Sammicakes

Alright | Poem

written 11/21/21 If things end, I’ll be alright It’ll hurt, but we’ll be fine Didn’t mean to shut off and cry but I’ll be fine I’ll be fine If things end, I’ll climb up high Sit alone, watch the days go by Shadow Tree falls over me Why did I think I wanted somebody? If…

voids of time, lost to time

“No time left in the present”  No time measured in the glass spheres  That broke into shards  All around him  “No time like the present,” he told himself No time, no time left in the present So he spun the shards about the dead ground until he bled   Visiting pieces that would have best been …

comfort in familiarity | friendship musing

the joke was good because it was harmless, and it was a good joke because she saw it coming. the familiarity of it, of her, was enough to make a dull life gleam. Thank you for reading! If you would like, please check out my YouTube channel and give my most recent video about journaling…

all for nothing

written 10/16 “I spent so much of my time worrying about things that don’t matter. How many hours did I read about all the different types of flowers, I couldn’t tell you. I thought I had loved them. I truly believed I did. It was nice to study their intricacies and what made them distinct…

tumble of the promise

transferred promise passed down promise a shared promise to people who didn’t know they would be shared Do you hate me for doing it? Do you hate me enough to care? ~Sammicakes

skin split | saturday poem

I peel the layers of myself to feel and numb, numb and feel again I spread the skin of my shed layer to see and behold, behold and see again I split the skin of myself, to understand and understand understand, understand ~Sammicakes