college life | saturday ramble

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope your week has been as eventful as mine. This week marked the start of my on-campus college career. With the COVID-19 restrictions, including having a very limited amount of guests to help me move in, the day unfolded in a strange, exciting, and bittersweet manner. I had to walk around…

Six Word Story

There is no bravery without fear. ~ Sammicakes “It wasn’t brave because he wasn’t scared: it was the only thing he could do. But going back again […] when he was really scared. That was brave. […] When you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.” — Neil Gaiman, Coraline

Nature | Stream of Consciousness

Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as nature untamed? ~ It races without a heartbeat, a pulse, or gleam of sweat. The heat of the sun, rather than slow it, allows it to expand expeditiously about its expansive canvas, as long as rain is a constant variable in life’s divine equation. Free of…

Dark Chocolate Brownies!!

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone’s been having a good week. I’m nearing the last few weeks of being home before moving for college. That being said, I’ve been sure to bake something awesome for everyone once a week! Last Saturday, I scoured Pinterest for the best brownie recipe I could find; keep in mind, I’ve…

Merry Christmas Eve!!

With Christmas approaching, I hope everybody is safe and healthy with the people they love. I know this year was either really tragic or extremely depressing for most people, but we’re on the right track to normal–and even better than normal. Make the most of the holidays: you deserve it. MERRY (ALMOST) CHRISTMAS! ~Sammicakes

now they know | stream of consciousness

what could they know finale part 1 part 2 ~ How many lies until I get to open the door to the real world? How many memories must I earn to be welcome to reality? I asked what could they know, I asked myself what I am– and with confidence I can now say it….

Identity | Saturday Prose

There is some sweet solace in knowing that I am a product of love rather than hate, violence. Of the girls past born of my breed, there would be no such comfort. There is good and bad that comes with claiming this skin, but the fact that I exist not as lesser scum but as…

Homemade Maple Glazed Donuts!!

To view all my baking posts, click here! I’m called Sammicakes for a reason, y’know. I have made beignets many times, but I realized I had never once made donuts throughout my entire prolific baking career. Since we always get Dunkin Donuts every Sunday–and since I’m not a huge fan of them–I decided to see…

Winter Love | Quote

“The winter loves me… I mean as much as you can say a season can love. What I mean is, I love winter, and when you really love something, then it loves you back, in whatever way it has to love.” – A Separate Peace by John Knowles

evil | stream of consciousness

part 1 Realized and actualized, internalized and sentient: are the evil bodies that float within me really my own? Do I accept them as my own, or continue living as if I were good? Am I good? Prove it to me that I’m not as evil as my most evil thought. Prove it to me,…