I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)

An old poem I wrote in August of 2016. A relaxing night-time read~ ~~~~ I am from long, ebony nights and bright, sunlit mornings Awakening in time to see the blue light filter through my windows I am from places of enchanted emerald forests and elephant graveyards Exploring until my lungs and legs cannot cope … Continue reading I Am From Long, Ebony Nights (Nostalgia Poem)

Mental Illness: Genetic or Environmental?

~another essay that I wrote for my literature class~ An individual’s nation of residence can shape their mentality for the rest of their lives; not only does it affect how one sees the world, but it also contributes to their happiness, goals, and overall mental health. A culture’s influence on a population is evident in … Continue reading Mental Illness: Genetic or Environmental?

The Issue With “Dieting”

Dieting to many is seen as a form of restraint and miserable abstinence. Rather than seeing it as a way to fix an unhealthy lifestyle and live a more fulfilling existence, society has instead manifested a “diet” into something much more sinister, more despicable, more susceptible to disdain and scrutiny. Diets in our American culture … Continue reading The Issue With “Dieting”